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about 8 years ago

Think Tank Hackathon State of the Union!! - Hello OECS!! Day 2?

Dear  Hack attendees!!


How are we doing?  Whats happening?  Can we get a pulse?

Do send us your feedback… click here to brain dump!! .. no worries its anonymous.  It is important we get a pulse!



We have received some emails with team names and team composition.  If you team has not submitted anything yet.. please do so now!! We have  been listing them on the Discussion section of the portal.


Collaborative agreements/ terms and conditions

It is best practice to have collaborative agreements in place.  I have attached two templates that can be used amongst teams…





It is our hope that you have met in your individual teams and , divided the work and collaborating!!

Here are some useful tools to assist…........ - Lean Project Management  - FREE

                                                       – Collaborative Canvas – FREE

                                                          - Cloud Office that enables you to manage documents, projects, team.

                                                        - Online conferencing

                                                         -   Allows you to meet & share content in real-time or anytime – FREE


Our Hackathon Coordinator, Genelle Lake has also shared information on our ability to facilitate web meetings via Skype for Business if you need this facility do reach out!! We are here to help.   Do let Genelle know! Email her at


Startup Support-  As promised,  a list of resources have been provided on the OECS Portal.. check out the discussion section

For the researchers in your teams.. google is your friend.  Youtube even more powerful.


Online Portal  - Preparations for Submissions tomorrow.

Congratulations to the 42 attendees that have made it on the Portal.

If you have not done so yet, we urge you to please do or it will affect the submission.


Please ensure to do the following steps in preparation for the Event.


Join Hackathon Portal  -


  1. Complete your profile:  Enter your bio and highlight the following;
  • Name
  • Profession
  • Your Interests


  1. Introduce yourself under participants caption
  • Under Participants, Introduce yourself and Your Interest in Digital Innovation

     State what your expectations are for the Hackathon; any ideas you have, and what kind of teammates you're seeking.


Few persons still have not introduced themselves! We need to know who you are.  Don’t be shy!!


Mentor Engagement


Have Teams met with their mentors?  Again I am sending an updated listing of participants & mentors. You can have more than one mentor. Don’t leave it till too late.  Don’t be afraid to reach out.



Thank you St. Kitts & Nevis, Anguilla & Dominica for the pictures.  You can see them on twitter using the hashtag #innovatethenext

Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada, Montserrat, Saint Lucia,  St. Vincent & the Grenadines pictures please !!! our social media team is waiting.

Kindly send the to



Social Media

I know we are busy! But very little engagement on social media from the group.


Twitter - #innovatethenext,  #oecshack

Instagram - #innovatethenext

Facebook –  - keep checking interesting tips


We are missing you! Please join the conversation.


Tomorrow be prepared to give us some sound and video bytes!!



Event Documents

We have compiled all the documentation into a folder…

These are accessible via the following link!!2457&authkey=!API7gBQ5zcmSSr8&ithint=folder%2cpdf



Laptops/Devices etc,…

Don’t forget your tools tomorrow!!



Have a good one!!


We are officially on call!!


See you tomorrow! @ 9am prompt!






Don’t forget your identification documents – a photoid will do for security clearance.



Twitter - #innovatethenext  #OECSHACK


Hackathon Portal :

* Email : Hackathon Coordinator:  | Social Media


Telly Valerie Onu

Need to reach me? |  Skype : telojo   : Whatsapp: +18697648876